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You're reading the wrong article.

Which article was i supposed to read? I read those below, and neither says that Neville Buswell has even been questioned.

If "just anybody" can go to the police and ,make an outlandish claim that might well turn out to be nonsense and it is reported all over the papers as if the person has actually been arrested when they haven't even been questioned then its as sick as sick can be!

Asked about reports police are now investigating the allegation, the 70-year-old replied: I have no idea.

You mean he has been accused ?

I do have to say from reading the original cliams where no one was named I was expecting a far more serious case, now please before anyone jumps I am not syaing a man flashing is acceptable I am sure it could be very scary , but the way the story was written one could be forgiven for thinking this was far more than what is in the Mail today.

The original story stated in its headline

Fourth Coronation Street star accused of being a paedophile 'may have preyed on girl, 12, as she hunted autographs'

His alleged indecent assault on the wide-eyed schoolgirl is said to have happened in the late 1960s and her continuing trauma is so severe she even now involuntarily writes his name on scraps of paper.

Now as I say dont get me wrong if there is any truth in the flashing story its plain wrong, but am I wrong in thinking the original story made it sound as though the actor actually physically assaulted the girl and she has been traumatised for over 40 years ?

Now I am sure flashing comes under the charge of Indecent Exposure not Sexual Assault as the media would be fully aware and if they know this then they should be very clear when they start putting articles out there , escpecially when someone has not been charged .
You're reading the wrong article.
Neither did the article yesterday so I assume its referring to the same case or surely it would say Fifth Corrie star today


A fourth Coronation Street star faces police questioning after being accused of preying on a 12-year-old girl

The victim is believed to have been interviewed by police in Devon, who passed the case on to Lancashire Police
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