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Blind Items Revealed

From CDAN:

From October 12, 2012

What former B list movie actress who has had one fail after the other lately including a canceled television show still has almost A list recognition. She spent an entire flight from NYC to LA headed to the bathroom every 15 minutes for 30 seconds a time. Probably explains how she is freakishly skinny.

Wednesday Addams

From CDAN:

From November 3, 2012

What A list celebrity/reality star told his girlfriend at a recent event they attended together that she was not to talk to any guy without him standing next to her. Of course he was allowed to talk to any woman without her and sure did seem to be getting a lot of phone numbers too. It isn't like the world thinks he is faithful or anything.

Maroon 5, The Voice U.S

From CDAN:

From November 12, 2012

What A list reality star who i wish would go away yelled at a production assistant yesterday because he dared bring the star sparkling water when she asked for still. "How did you even get this f**king job?" Yeah, she is a real joy. Probably because other people very close to her are passing her in popularity which really makes her mad.


From CDAN:

From November 22, 2012

This A list female singer will not be showing up to this other A list female singer's concerts anytime soon. It turns out that about a month ago, the second A list female singer was talking about all the times she had sex with the A list significant other of the first A list female singer and also started listing everyone else he had sex with where she was watching or had heard. Drinking was apparently involved but our first A lister is not happy.

Mrs. Carter, The Only Girl In The World, Mr. Carter
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