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I've got a dozen of Chubbs DVDs. It was an ex girlfriend who got me to watch some of his DVDs. Since, he is apparently so sexist/misogynist, for example, why is it that, his live audiences are roughly 50/50 male/female.

It's comedy, FFS, not real life.

Talentless git I have had the misfortune of meeting in the real world. He is equally unpleasant off stage. Basically he takes tired old jokes, ands the word c**t and that is about it.
Yeah, OK. I believe you if nobody else does.

Hate, hate, hate, hate him.

Given the choice of watching his act or contracting syphilis, It would be a tough choice of which I'd rather tolerate
The difference being is that comedy can't kill you, even if untreated.

And by the way, I reserve the word hate for people like Hitler or Stalin, not just for a comedian that one might find offensive. Perspective, maybe?
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