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Yes she is but its all a lot of hot air if you ask me but if someone has complained (seemingly The Teelgraph) then they have to investigate.

She was placed under investigation yesterday after The Sunday Telegraph found she was a director of a property firm alongside four current or former officers from the force

She has certainly not hidden anything, as I mentioned last night in a post that has been removed along with others (for reasons that I am unsure of as there were none breaching any rules in my post ) , it is a matter of public record and open for anyone to see for free that she has been a Director of said company since 10th August 1998, not something that has been hidden at all.
Maybe this is a stupid question but in what way does being a director of a property firm compromise or have any effect on the report/investigation? are they implying she would have wanted them to look good because its in her personal interest as well as professionally?
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