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That's how I would pronounce it. Logically it's either that or A-lie-a (as in lie rather than lay) but I would assume it's 'lay' as it creates a much softer, prettier sound.

Could be wrong though!
Thank you, I did think it was either that or an alternate spelling of Aaliyah.

This link has a good description of how to pronounce it.

Congrats to them!
Thanks for the link.

So it's pronounced a-liar? When I first saw the name written down, I assumed it would be pronounced a-layer. Although this is coming from someone who read Harry Potter for the first time and thought Hermione was pronounced Her-Me-Own
All these years I thought I was the only one!
This made me laugh, not at you for pronouncing it wrong, but for thinking you were alone

Exactly what I came into the thread to ask. I have no idea how to pronounce it
Glad it wasn't just me. My son is called Mekai "meh-khi" & people tend to mispronounce it, so I always try to get other peoples names right.
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