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As long as its all above board and she is not neglecting her police role for it then I dont see a problem, now if her proeprty company was directly involved with Savile etc then I can see how there might be a conflict of interest but that does not seem to be the case.

It would appear The Sunday telegraph has made it an issue as they say they found out about it, but as I said its been a matter of public record sine 1998 so nothing hidden at all, but I assume if the media has made it an issue it has to be investigated to avoid any accusations of coverups etc .
Ironically there is an estate agency with a very similar name (I process magazines where I work and have noticed it in the property section) but that has the name spelt with a double 'l' so is no doubt totally unrelated.

If there was an issue with who was running the investigation, surely that should have been brought up before it was finished? I guess the paper hadn't realised until later? weird.
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