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Read these whilst flicking through Cosmopolitan, made me think of this thread.

Confessions of Fashion and Beauty Editors:

1) A supermodel arrived 3 hours late for a lingerie shoot I was styling, then proceeded to offer me drugs. When I turned her down, she announced that she hadn't had time to groom herself 'down there'. Cue me on my knees with a Bic razor 'tidying her up'.

2) A famous actress once delighted us all on a shoot by rolling her dress down and sitting bare breasted every time she has her hair and makeup done. She seemed to enjoy how it unsettled people.

3) One American diva claims to be a size 8 - she's actually a 16. A stylist cut the label out of one dress to save her blushes, but when she discovered the item was a bigger size, she ran into her dressing room and refused to come out.

4) One well-known model was particularly hard to work with. She left a photoshoot before we got the desired results declaring 'I need some c**k'.

5) I'd been seated next to a famous rapper and a New York fashion showm while his A-list actress girlfriend had been placed on the other side of the catwalk. After 10 minutes pouting at each other she came over and pushed me out of the way to sit down - I nearly ended up on the floor!

6) Despite trying on 8 different bras, one A-List star still felt that her boobs looked a little saggy, so I ended up sitting on a stool just out of shot cradling her boobs to give her a cleavage boost!
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