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Ironically there is an estate agency with a very similar name (I process magazines where I work and have noticed it in the property section) but that has the name spelt with a double 'l' so is no doubt totally unrelated.

If there was an issue with who was running the investigation, surely that should have been brought up before it was finished? I guess the paper hadn't realised until later? weird.
I cannot see an issue from what information we have at present and as for the rest of the media , I can only assume they knew and thought nothing of it (or they are as thick as The Sunday Telegraph) and the Sunday Telegraph either has shoddy journlaists who do not know how to do a name search (which would be par for the course on a subject) which would show her as a Company Director , either that or they are muck raking and sat on it until after the report and are just trying to cause trouble.
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