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Yes, Chris Brown is a scumbag. We can all agree on that.

Bieber is completely lacking in any kind of self-awareness. The fact that he can stand there and declare himself an artist when all he's there to receive is an award voted for by his button-mashing, lifeless tweenie disciples beggars belief. What kind of artistic statements has this poet of the people 'crafted' so far. Baby baby baby ooh? Scintillating. His whiny, childish sense of entitlement is noxious. 'I'm just 19' he pleads. Well tough shit, this isn't the kids choice awards, and playing the age card doesn't cut it. Perhaps if you broadened the scope of your efforts beyond shamelessly pandering to your braindead army of cretinous 13 year old girls, people may respect you. In the meantime, you don't 'deserve to be taken seriously' and you can't demand that people do. What an egomaniacal little twit.
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