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I'm no fan of the Bieber, but it seems messed up that he is booed for basically being an idiot 19 year old, whilst the likes of Chris Brown a convicted criminal is whooped and applauded like the prodigal son.

Not one single boo for him
Maybe just maybe he gave them a good show, what he did did to Rihanna, has nothing to do with what songs he does or how he per4forms.
What, more odious than that thug Brown? Hardly.
Im guessing Brown's performance was better simples.
Well said.
How anyone can cheer for this woman-beating scum is beyond me - he isn't even sorry for what he did.
Told you he is not sorry for what he did or you just believing what the daily mail tells you. People will cheer if they feel he gave a good perfomance, nothing wrong with that after all no one in that business in an angel are they

It does seem strange that Chris Brown is applauded when he beat up Rihanna. The devoted fans of Chris Brown are probably idiots anyway. Bieber's behaving like an idiot. If it's because he's suffering from stress, why not put him somewhere so that he can calm down or whatever?
Yes because those who clapped brown did it because he beat her up, get over it it happened ages ago, they both have move on with you life.

[quote=Alrightmate;65988278]It does. I'm no fan of Bieber and he doesn't strike me as a person I'd like, but I don't believe that Bieber has done anything as deplorable as what Chris Brown did.[/QUOTE]

That you know of, maybe Bieber has, who knows what does not happen out of the public.

Bieber might be guilty of being a bit of a ********, but he doesn't beat the living shit out of his girlfriend.

The people who support Chris Brown's career need to give their head a shake.
Not really no, if they like him then its for a reason, just cause you don't, don't make you to be right, get off you moral high ground.

I can't stand Bieber and his Jupiter sized arrogance but I agree with the OP. The way the music industry have welcomed Chris Brown back with open arms is so deplorable and sends out the most awful and damaging message to young boys and girls.

Yes because before it happened the music industry sent out a great message to children.

It makes me sick to the stomach, and the people who booed Bieber but cheered for Brown are hard-of-thinking ****s.
Not really know, people can cheer if they want who made you the boss of people.
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