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Lizzy Cundy in Cannes.

Lizzie is not starring in any of the nominated films but obviously this won't stop her from flaunting her enviable bikini body while she is on holiday.

Although it wasn't all play for the former WAG - she presented at the Eva Longoria event and was seen mingling with A-listers such as the Desperate Housewives star and Jane Fonda.

Read more:

Enviable bikini body? is the DM sure?

Loved this in the DM comments section.

And the award for "The Most Past it Poser Desperately Wanting to be a Wag Again" goes to.... Also, what a waste of a good bikini costing 50 when 49's worth is stuck up her arse!!

- Lxxx lxxxxx , London, 20/5/2013 23:45
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