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Katherine Jackson, Rebbie and Trent Jackson were in court to see Julie Hollander finnish giving evidence.

She mostly repeated what she said last week. Additional information was that AEG spent a total of $24m producing the 'This Is It' tour.

Hollander believed Michael Jackson signature was required on Murray's contract because of the personal nature of the doctor's services. Murray's contract was the only one she had ever seen in which an artist had to approve a contract for services on a tour.

At the start of the day the judge 'admonished' those watching the case for approaching jurors.

The main witness yesterday was AEG general counsel Shawn Trell whowas described as the person who drafted and edited Michael Jackson's contract.

The families lawyer Brian Panish asked Trell what he knew of Michael Jackson's desire to produce movies with an AEG film group. Trell said he was aware of Michael's interest in producing movies but not specifically with AEG.

Trell testified that including Murray as a production cost in the budgets and a letter tsent in July 2009 to Jackson's estate was a mistake.

Under Michael's agreement with AEG Live the former manager Tohme Tohme was to be paid $100,000 a month, Trell said after the contract was signed he discovered Michael Jackson had not authorised the payments.

"If Michael Jackson didnít authorize it, it wasnít going to get paid."
Trell was questioned about cancellation insurance for Michael, insurers in London had concerns about Jackson's health and the insurance broker was for a medical examination of Jackson before agreeing a policy.

In emails he was said Jackson was being 'mauled' by the tabloids over health concerns. Trell said there was concern Michael had skin cancer. In January 2009 Trell and the insurance broker exchanged emails attempting to decide which doctor should examine Michael, eventually a New York doctor was chosen.

Trell never saw the results of the examination, in March the insurers wanted another medical examination of Michael in London. The second examination would cover illness but insurers wanted another examination and to attend a full dress rehearsal.

Trell told court he inquired about life insurance for Micahel as AEG had done for other artists.
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