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From CDAN:

You would think that when people have been married less than a year they would be having sex all the time. Not so if you are this A list mostly movie actress Academy Award winner/nominee, who according to her hairstylist has yet to consummate her marriage and only got married because she was tired of being asked out.

From CDAN:

This B list Academy Award winner/nominee mostly movie actress fainted at Cannes, not once or twice, but four times in the span of 24 hours. She says it was because of all the traveling and the heat. The real reason is she eats once a week, maybe twice, and has been battling an eating disorder and lately has been losing that battle.

From Naughty But Nice Rob:

Which celebrity, who was once a model, adores herself so much that she just sent her non-celebrity best friend a birthday gift - a framed photograph of herself. "She is the most self-absorbed celebrity ever. She thinks it's a very sweet and very thoughtful personalized gift. She even had the nerve to tell me where in my apartment it should hang - right above my bed." the friend told Naughty But Nice Rob. No longer really modeling, this star is now a reality TV star and responsible for finding and mentoring new talent. Let's hope she teaches the new top stars a different lesson in gift giving.
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