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I think in general the old glamour model look has been replaced by the chavvy look nowadays. Maybe once the baby is born Katie will go for a new look - reinvent herself. It would be a good time to do it as I do think she lost her way somewhere along the line. Far too much 'work' at too young an age. Why anyone would consider it before 40 at least is beyond me. I do think she looks 10 years older than she really is and I'm sure it's down to the 'work', the whatever it is she has had done to make her skin looks so bad and the hair and makeup she chooses. I'm sure its possible for her to look glamorous (which is her style, her comfort zone) without looking so --- sorry can't find a kind way of saying this - but yes rough, desperate and old. She is not old by any stretch of the imagination so she should stop fretting about unimportant things. It's sad but ironic that she, and many others like her, actually make themselves look older than they are in their desperate attempts to not look 'old'.
That said I hope she has a good birthday and takes time to enjoy it with her family.
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