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More details about yesterday from ABC7 Court News...

In emails from Bob Taylor who I think was acting as insurance broker he stressed a full medical examination of Michael was required..

Email cont'd: "They may restrict illnes cover or death from illness cover until this examination has taken place."

"We have no coverage against MJ sickness unless and until MJ submits to another medical in London"
A Harley Street doctor had set aside 2 hours on July 6 2009 to examine Michael Jackson.

According to an email from Kenny Ortega, Conrad Murray would not allow Michael to attend rehearsal on June 14 2009.

(It was 19 June, Michael was sent home from rehearsals)

The production manager emailed Gongware and Phillips...

He was a basket case and Kenny was concerned he would embarrass himself on stage, or worse yet, be hurt.
Interestingly part of the advance to Michael Jackson was $3m to pay off a settlement agreement in a London court, a company owned the rights for Jackson's live performance. "The rights needed to be freed up," Trell said.

It was said Production Advances were capped to $7.5 million.

to pay off the settlement agreement of $3 million in London court.
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