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Russell Brand is an awesome guy. I never understand why people dislike him so much. Every year he comes to a school in a poor neighborhood in San Francisco and has a meditation with all the kids from the schools in the area. It's amazing to see him jumping around and getting all the kids riled up, but then as soon as he says "okay kids, it's time to meditate" every single one of them becomes silent and follows his lead. Afterwards he stays and talks to whoever wants to have a chat with him. He might be sex obsessed, but he seems like a really great guy when you meet him.
That is lovely, I know he does lots of good work but wasn't aware of that. I really am very fond of Russell, yes he likes the ladies but that's no major crime. Also love the fact he has been very respectful of Katy in interviews after the split. I would love to meet him and think he'd be fascinating
Indeed, I find it really interesting when he talks about addiction too - his Addiction documentary with the BBC was really interesting to watch.

I used to really dislike him, back in the days of Big Brother's Big Mouth (was it that he presented?), but he's grown on me so much since then, I find him really likeable.

Loved his interview with the Westboro Baptist Church too.
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