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I agree. I've never seen anyone who has had facial surgery actually look younger or better for it. They just look like middle aged people who have had work done so by having it done at a young age, she's made herself look like someone older without actually looking older - if that makes any sense
I know exactly what you mean. I think this is going to apply to the TOWIE lot as well.
As for KP, pre surgery days she was a pretty girl, she had the gap in her teeth, the bump in her nose etc but she was far more attractive with these imperfections
Then for some bizarre reason she tampered & tampered with what she was given & has now just ended up looking rather odd tho personally speaking I think deep down she's possibly regretting a lot of these procedures.
As for this quest to try & knock 10 years off yourself (Not just KP) by injecting yourself with God knows what, it's now become almost criminal to grow old
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