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In the same documentary he was exposed as holding some fair questionable views on race:

"All the Pakistanis and Indians when they go home at night, they go home to an Indian family, to a Pakistani family, we go home to our family - if we went home tonight and there was a muslim sat there, we'd say 'what the **** are you doing in our house - out!' We don't mix. We don't get on, it's as simple as that."

You get all these do-gooders saying 'well they have a right to be here'. They haven't got a ****ing right to be here, we're the onese financing, the tax I pay finances half the bastards. Coming here they have a right for this and a right for that. Well if they have a right, dress like us, work like us, think like us, be like us.

I think his comedy persona is that of an odious, boorish, ill-edcuated loudmouth. Only apparently it isn't a persona.
I agree the bit in bold was inappropriate in the scheme of things. However, it is human nature to mix with people of your colour and culture, e.g. often black people mix with other black people, Jews often hang out with other Jews, Pakistanis often hang out with other Pakistanis etc. This explains the various large ethnic communities you find in certain parts of the UK, e.g. Luton, Bradford, Southall etc.

Also, I believe, people coming to live in this country should adopt UK culture (at least in public) and learn our language (namely English) as far as possible, rather than it being the other way around. What they do in the privacy of their own home is up to them. However, if you've been here for some time, I expect to be spoken to by an immigrant in English, and not have a communication problem, as I don't do foreign languages, since there is no need in my case.
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