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CC.somewhere between this and the carp she writes lies the truth.

She has boy scouts in shorts sitting on her own bridge over her own waterfall eating sandwiches
.We are back to her overdoing the Enid Blyton and Anna Sewell booksshe read as a child.

All the animal abuse stories are so disturbing,poor dog ( if she ever did exist).
I have said before,I know nothing of horses but I do know they need a lot of care. Is it right to leave them shoeless and constantly getting infections?

As far as I care she can go """"" with her imaginary anorexia and imaginary boyfriends .
Sunstone, although I can find a lot to criticise in Liz's "care" for her animals, letting the horses go shoeless is not necessarily a problem. If, as it seems, they are not ridden much, if at all, there is no reason for them to be shod. Shoes are primarily to prevent damage to the feet when horses are worked on hard or stony surfaces. If the horses are kept in stables and on fields and not worked on the roads there is no real need for shoes. It goes without saying that the feet should be regularly picked out to remove dirt and stones, and trimmed at approximately six-week intervals. If looked after properly there should be little risk of infection. I was, however horrified that Liz should apply cream to a wound she described as nasty, then turn the horse out with no dressing on the wound.
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