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Your choice of words and phrases such as "I expect to be spoken to..." and "I don't do foreign languages", to me, show you have a 'holier than thou' attitude when it comes to immigrants, especially ones that don't speak English. Perhaps you feel like you have some sort of authority over them or at least find yourself superior? Well, afterall, you expect them to talk to you in a certain way. I just find that attitude idiotic and incredibly small minded.
I expect to be spoken to in English as well. What the hell am I supposed to do if someone that only speaks Polish tries to ask me a question in Polish? It's utterly ridiculous to think that foreigners can get along in this country without learning our language. If I went abroad, I would have to learn said country's language in order to communicate with them. If you go to another country you HAVE to learn its language in order to get on there.
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