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Your choice of words and phrases such as "I expect to be spoken to..." and "I don't do foreign languages", to me, show you have a 'holier than thou' attitude when it comes to immigrants, especially ones that don't speak English. Perhaps you feel like you have some sort of authority over them or at least find yourself superior? Well, afterall, you expect them to talk to you in a certain way. I just find that attitude idiotic and incredibly small minded.

Well I'm an English person too, and I've no intention of emigrating anywhere else in the world so why should I learn a different language, if I did, then I would feel it behoves me to at least learn the language and customs of the country I was emigrating to, just like the people who come to this country should. Why you should find that concept idiotic is beyond me.

And yes, I would expect them to talk to me in a certain way, I'd expect them to talk to me in ENGLISH.

As for Roy chubby Brown, I watched a dvd that my son had got once, let's just say, I'd sooner stick pins in my eyes than watch him again !!
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