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I wonder what happened to her 1million Bugatti Veyron that she re-sprayed pink.
Has she ever been photographed with it after it was customised? Just found this on the Pistonheads forum:

"The cynic in me wonders if she has bought this car at all. Seems coincidental that she is visiting Leeds for a 'record' book signing, and at the same time just happens to pop down to Kahn nearby to buy a Veyron and then have it sprayed pink. Sounds like another publicity stunt with Price and Kahn getting more column inches and websites talking about them....."

"You would be 100% correct in your assumptions.

A chap on another forum I use is chief fitter at Kahns and he was saying that she was only there to collect her Range Rover that had just been fitted with a larger sound system, she merely sat in the Veyron. It isn't for sale at all."

No idea if that's the case but it sounds plausible.
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