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From Popbitch this week

Katie Price's Australian management
company sent the following around
last week:

"The highly anticipated arrival of
Katie Price in Australia
marks her
first visit in 6 Years and her first
ever trip to Sydney...The extensive
guest list includes Australia's
hottest commodities in Fashion,
Sports, Television, Media, Music
and many more Australian celebrities

We are currently seeking products
to make the gift bags of the year!
- Beauty & Cosmetics,
- Jewellery,
- Electronics (Eg Smart Phone
PDA, Straighteners etc),
- Accessories,
- Hair Care Products,
- Gift Vouchers,
- Chocolate,
- Healthy or Energy Drink,
- Mini Bottles of Alcohol (Targeting
Males and Females),

If you have any products you wish
to gift to Katie upon arrival
please do not hesitate to contact us."
Probably only anticipated by the British that she's as far away from these shores as it's possible to be
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