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Well I've never heard of any of those three, so I can't compare them. Are they American? I rarely find American humour funny.

But if you actually listen to Russell's comedy, it is very clever. I don't think "blithering idiots" would understand some of the vocabulary involved for a start.
Look sweet-cakes, I know you have a Girl crush on Russell, I know he has a legion of slightly plump (not saying you are) pre-dominantly funny coloured hair and piercings young Girls, I am aware of this.

But just because he throws in a couple of big words here and there...doesn't all of a sudden make him Noam Chomsky.

As far as Carlin, Hicks and Kinison goes..they are NOTHING what you might think to be archetypal American comedy, quite the opposite..infact Hick's biggest fan-base was here in England.
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