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Look sweet-cakes, I know you have a Girl crush on Russell, I know he has a legion of slightly plump (not saying you are) pre-dominantly funny coloured hair and piercings young Girls, I am aware of this.

But just because he throws in a couple of big words here and there...doesn't all of a sudden make him Noam Chomsky.

As far as Carlin, Hicks and Kinison goes..they are NOTHING what you might think to be archetypal American comedy, quite the opposite..infact Hick's biggest fan-base was here in England.
None of those words in your first paragraph could be used to accurately describe me, not even young anymore unfortunately, as I'm a similar age to Russell himself. He has fans of all age groups, and male fans too. A male friend of mine (who is not gay) absolutely loves him.

I admire him for his creativity, wit, energy and enthusiasm, honesty, and uniqueness really.

Your use of the word "sweet-cakes" (even if humorously), indicates that you are exactly the kind of person RB would be likely to take the mickey out of, so is it any wonder you can't relate to his style of humour?
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