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Why are you confused? Its pretty simple really.

His fans don't seem to notice that rather than keep his natural reaction he would rather mask over annoyance, he would rather not stand up and shout about mosquitos he would rather sit there uncomfortably.

I never said Junior was over confident, but I won't use the confused face as it isn't confusing
Oooh yes, your right. proof positive, we should all "stand up and shout about mosquito's" ....what an evil, evil creature, thankfully his 'fan's' and myself now know the correct etiquette for dealing with pesky insects. ...the days of sucking up and grimacing at a bit at a nuisance, of not feeling the urge to stand and flap about and generally not make a song and dance are over.....let your 'mask' slip folks, stand and shout and do so freeing your evil spirits.

Who knew DS could be such an education
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