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Comedy? You mean his poor;y received stand up that basically revolves around his "Shagger of the Year" award he received from The Sun and little else of substance.

I applaud him for overcoming his substance abuse as that is something to genuinely admire, but there's nothing else about him.
Poorly received in whose opinion? Yours? I've seen plenty of good reviews for his stand up. Bad ones too, of course, but like I said he polarises opinion. Also his shows frequently sell out, which is probably more important really, than what a few critics think.

As you dislike Russell so much, I would have thought it likely that you haven't watched much of his stand up. If that's the case, how do you know what the content of the show is?

He talks about his own life, (like many other comedians from both past and present) but this involves all kind of things that have happened to him, awkward incidents, people he has met, etc. And it is virtually always told in a self-deprecating style.
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