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Great photos everyone!

Susie I could use a cruise can I hide in your luggage Lucky duck.

In none Kovalev related news..or maybe Kovalev related cause it means I can stay up and enjoy more finally found coffee that I like. Yummy Chocolate Mocha Gevalia lol
I'm a caffeine addict LadyA.....will have to hunt that coffee down and give it a try

...and you never know maybe Susie can smuggle us all on board

BIB seemed a good idea at the time Callie.
Sure Pasha, Katya and everyone connected with the tour will have a blast in Ireland.
Have a great time GG and please report back to us.
BIB Shona....I love your letter of the highlights of the tour

Thanks for posting lovely photos Callie!

And this is Katya's response -

Katya Virshilas ‏@KatyaVirshilas 5h
@MarianneSue wow great action shot! We don't allow photos during the show but since its so good I will forgive u heheheh thanks btw x
Liking Katya's response to the pics.....thanks for posting music girl

Another action pic of the Paso....there seems to be quite a few sneaky pics taken of this particular dance....can't think why .....thanks to OP
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