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So he obviously wasn't wearing his seat belt. So it serves him right. He is so lucky to have survived without losing his skin - as many a motorcyclist will tell you - tarmac v skin - the tarmac ALWAYS wins.

I feel more sorry for all the motorists affected by this.
I don't think we ever get the full story regards George Michael and the bizarre episodes relating to him. He could have been responsible for a massive pile up with this action let alone killed himself.
as someone living near Junction 8 I was affected by the traffic jam this caused.... sorry but whatever happened it was a miracle no one else was killed by his, at the very least, irresponsible behaviour....

So if this was a deliberate act should the police not be looking at charging him with endangering life? or at the very least travelling without a seatbelt.....

Selfish, spoilt b@stard imho
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