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What I find really strange is that her incessant Twitter ramblings are actually well-written and justifiable. She posted a huge paragraph of "the truth" about her arrest, and it all made sense. But then 5 minutes later you just see her sending questionable racist insults to Rihanna. It's bizarre, it's like she's two different people.
Whatever, you can look at a picture of her walking down the street now against one of her 5 years ago and the difference is incredible. There's definitely something wrong with her, some kind of...nervous breakdown? Mental breakdown?
Her case certainly does highlight the complexity of mental health issues. Amanda appears to be incredibly intelligent and can express herself in a very articulate way, yet she's clearly very mentally ill. Part of the problem is that she seems to have periods of lucidity where she can express herself very well. Which means the authorities are reluctant to force her into psychiatric care against her will, since they can't prove she's a danger to herself. (Even though we can all see where this is heading- and it's not looking like it's going to be a happy ending for her )
I honestly don't believe she's in control of her own actions any more. She's delusional, paranoid and completely out of touch with reality. Her ramblings on Twitter are always articulated very well, yet the content of them shows great paranoia and denial.
The tweets to Rihanna have just made it even more apparent that Amanda is incredibly unwell and in need of serious help. As awful as the tweets were, I don't think it's possible to blame Amanda for sending them, since I think it's got to a stage where she is so mentally ill she's no longer able to make any rational decisions or be in control of her behaviour.
The recent developments (in relation to her arrest) really break my heart. Where the hell are her friends? I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her in recent years where she's with a friend or family member. All the pictures seems to be of her wandering around on her own being hounded by the press
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