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And he loves bumping into his adoring fans, especially when there’s a camera crew on hand to capture the moment in all its lush spontaneity.

Well there you go! That's why Pete's latest album hasn't set the charts on's a format issue - he needs to forget digital downloads and print more gramophone vinyl!

Yes he might be but he knows when his children's birthdays are and could of sorted a gift BEFORE he went away..courier services are amazing these days ....
Perhaps Gloria has lots of spilled drinks to clear up and invisible dogs to walk, poor lass.

Pathetic. Back to point-scoring using the kids.

Much as I dislike DOTY, how petty of KP to post that, absolutely no need whatsoever and designed only to have a pop and so her followers can create a big song and dance about it.

Harvey deserves better.
Pathetic yes, and Harvey deserves so much more. But given that she said he doesn't love Harvey as much as the others, he took her to court and won, you can kind of understand her public dismay. Is it so hard to get a card to a kid. Maybe I'm privileged..but where I live, we have postmen.
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