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I do rather agree with you, although I almost wish I didn't.
Obviously, most of us are uncomfortable with BOTH of these two using the children in any way - whether it be points scoring or bolstering their own image.
However, seeing how much Peter I LOVE MY KIDS Andre has paraded his DOTY credentials, I'm not actually that surprised that even though he can TELL us what a great Dad he is, BEING one takes a little bit more effort.
TBH I did cringe at myself a bit for saying PA had it coming as using kids in this way doesn't sit comfortably with me either but I'm sick to death of listening to PA's snide little digs about KP, if he has something to say about her I wish he'd find the balls & come out with it. Yes she should have been the bigger person & not replied to the tweet but this is KP we're talking about.
Agree completely with BIB.

Oh for sure, and it does say so much about PA, doesn't it?

I just think it's low to use Harvey like this. That tweet has no purpose other than to get at PA - ie. that's the motive, not the absence of a card/present from PA.
Of course that's the reason for the tweet, absolutely nothing to do with a card or present & if I could take the kids out the equation I'd be absolutely delighted in PA being shown up to be not quite so perfect as he'd like his fans to believe.

Slightly off topic.........personally I think the pair of them are equally sickening but I hold my hands up & admit I've probably watched most of the Reality TV they've done together & apart & much as I dislike KP I have been quite moved at some moments we've seen of her & Harvey together. I'm not naive enough to think she does everything by herself for Harvey but I think the love & bond she has with that beautiful boy is heart warming & unlike PA she doesn't feel the need to bang on about how much she loves him.
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