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KP answered a question on her twitter account, she didnt come on ranting about it, the fact that these tweets are distasteful dosent lie with her but with the fact that a man who has claimed to be everything to his kids couldnt be bothered to send his sn step son a card on his b/day, PA started this whole "I havent seen Harvey" (nudge nudge kp fault) rumour awhile ago, so whats shes supposed to do hide the truth just to keep up his good daddy image for him while he goes around making digs at her !!
The abuse she received from PA supporters on this matter, was terrible and in itself was deserving of the highest form of condemnation more so than anything in all of this, theres no doubt in my mind that PA will attempt to clear this matter up with claims of having a planned party arranged, but what he will never get is that, it was Harveys day, not his, and if he cant except giving, without actually being there for the happiness of his step childs sake, then maybe Harveys better off without him, ones things for sure that will blow any of his "KP wont allow it" excuses out of the water, his phoning Harvey shows that he is allowed contact with him and that any gift or card would have been accepted by KP !
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