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Judging by the photos fans posted on Twitter of them at Gatwick and on the plane on the 25th, Pete has taken Junior & Princess to Cyprus for half term. I agree he could have arranged to send a birthday card to Harvey but he did call him on the day and I'd guess that he'd send presents back with J&P so they can watch Harvey open them. I've no idea what his access arrangements are at the moment but it seems unfair to speculate when the full facts aren't in the public domain. I don't think either of them do themselves any favours by using the children as pawns in their seemingly never-ending war.
I would absolutely agree with you, IF PA wasn't quite so eager to put his version of events in the public domain when they make him look good.
I personally think they should BOTH not mention anything to do with the kids at all, but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be much danger of that happening.
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