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Saw it yesterday and enjoyed it, although it wasn't a patch on the first film, it was more of a thriller than a comedy this time, but i'm glad they broke from formula for this one rather than just repeating the same scenarios from the first film, so while it was lighter on laughs, i thought it made up for it with a stronger story (compared to Part 2), although whether you enjoy the film will ultimately come down to how invested you are in the characters. The mid-credits scene was hilarious though, but i hope they leave the series alone now, it's gone as far as it can in my opinion, and with Part 3 doing far worse at the US box office than the first two films ($62 million through 5 days compared to $135 million for the second film through the same period), hopefully the producers won't feel the need to stretch the idea any further.

On the way out of the cinema i heard two girls talking about how they hope they make another one and that it focuses on Chow's wedding...thank god they're not Hollywood screenwriters!
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