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I think what made the mortification worse was that we'd never actually watched the show - we caught the last five minutes and saw the prizes and my ex just sent a text - so we had NO idea that Lionel and this HUGE lorry were going to turn up. It was the Bullseye edition hence why the speedboat was one of the prizes.

My ex was actually surprised at work - all his family knew and kept it a secret - and I had the day off and then had a panicked call from his mother and nephew saying he'd won and they were coming to the house to film and I better put some make up on! I didn't believe them.

Then my ex called and said it was true (and could I cut the grass because they wanted to film in the back garden on said trampoline? ) but in his shock of it all, he said it was Lionel RICHIE coming to the I had no idea who was going to turn up!

Not long after, Li B then appears up my driveway in a pastel blue suit with his initials in sequins on the black with a HUGE pair of shades on I have to say, he was really nice - a total lovie obviously - but I did call the girls at work to let them know and they begged to speak to Li and had him on speakerphone in the office. He was all "hello ladies...." and they were all shouting "GIVE US A DANCE LIONEL!!" so there was an impromptu burst of tap dancing on my driveway which was all a bit pointless as they couldn't see it!
That is so funny, and so well told! Thanks for the laffs, TT.
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