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I was an Extra for five years, and appeared in London's Burning, as an MC in a boxing ring.

My best part was in The Bill, as a rapist who had my evil way with PC Gary Best, who was undercover in a seedy house. My character escaped and I thought that I would be asked back so that I could be caught, I did go back, but in a different role, as a prisoner mopping the cell floor. The Bill was definitely my favourite job, and I would have loved a regular role. It was a very happy set, and the Extra's had their meals in the restaurant with the actors.

I was also in the ajoining set to The Bill, which was at Deerpark Road in Wimbledon when I appeared twice in Family Affairs, when that series finished they used to use that set to film The Bill.

I was also in Holby City twice, and it was travelling all the way to Elstree that made me realise that it really was quite boring, once I had got over the novelty of seeing myself on TV. It would sometimes be two days of filming, and I might be on screen for about ten seconds. So after a bit on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, I gave it up, and I can't say that I miss it.
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