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Matthew Corbett's a legend (or as he's known in his home-town of Lymm, Peter Corbett). I went to see him do a one man show down there entitled "25 years of my hand up Sooty's bum" in February, he's great and I got a mention on the local Warrington newspaper website for travelling a long way to see the show (now THAT's a better thing to be mentioned for and here's the evidence I take it no-one on here ever met Jimmy Savile, thank god I never did, The scarily catchy theme song to Jim'll Fix It is one of my earliest childhood memories, and to think of what was going on there just beggars all belief and watching the documentaries, you could tell what an appallingly sleazy, sordid piece of work he really was. I was chatting to Matthew and his wife that night, they knew everything that was going on, I hope the repulsive creature rots in hell
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