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This is an odd one, as I've not met him myself, but I'm intrigued...

Has anyone met Paul Merton?

He seems an odd character. I watch him on HIGNFY and he seems at times to be disinterested. There seems to be certain guests on the show that he likes (Brian Blessed, Reginald D Hunter) and others that he just switches off from. There's the famous clip of him telling Robert Kilroy Silk to "shut the f*** up" repeatedly.
I wish I could remember who it was but I once read a commentary by a female columnist who was pretty hacked off with him. She was at some event with a friend who has a mobility-related disability. Paul Merton was at the same event and I think she and her friend had to negotiate a difficult stairway (the place can't have been very well adapted for disabled access). As he was the only one passing at the time, she asked if he could give a hand. Instead, he just mumbled 'sorry', brushed past them and went on his way.

Well, there could have been many reasons for that but the columnist was pretty hacked off with him, which is why she mentioned it in her column. It was some years ago. She had liked him and his comedy prior to that event. Thing is, we don't know his side of it.
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