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For shred / virtuoso:
Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien, Crushing Day, Always With Me/Always With You, Ten Words (although those last two are less flashy, and instead beautiful pieces of music).
Steve Vai: Lotus Feet, Whispering a Prayer
Randy Rhodes: Revelation Mother Earth, Crazy Train, Goodbye To Romance
Slash: November Rain
Paul Gilbert: Viking Kong
Yngwie Malmsteen: Far Beyond the Sun

Blues solos:
Dave Gilmour: Comfortably Numb, Fletcher Memorial Home, High Hopes, Great Day For Freedom
Jimi Hendrix: almost anything, he was really in a world of his own. Machine Gun, Woodstock Improvisation, Fire (Woodstock 69), Little Wing are amazing
Rory Gallagher: Bad Penny, Philby, Tatoo'd Lady, Shadow Play.
And also Brian Setzer on Rock This Town, just unbelievable technique

And if I had to pick between all those, I'm still torn between two: The raw, beat-up guitar, and adrenaline-packed performance of Rory Gallagher
and the technical brilliance and soaring beauty of Steve Vai's amazing tribute to Ireland:

Both absolute masters of the guitar, but in completely different ways
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