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Going back to Gongaware's evidence on Monday he gave more details on the circumstances surrounding the involvement of Conrad Murray.

Gongaware made it clear the idea for Murray was Michael's...

He came to me and said he wanted his personal doctor on the tour..
Gongaware suggested hiring a doctor local to London would be better, Michael responded...

This is the machine, we have to take care of the machine. I want Conrad.
Gongaware was not surprised Michael wanted a doctor on tour to keep fit for the shows, not because he had health issues.

Murray was contacted by Gongaware to negotiate a deal on behalf of Michael Jackson. Murray said he wanted $5m as he had 4 clinics to close and would be laying off staff.

Because he did not have Michael Jackson's number Gongaware communicated with Michael Amir Williams, Michael's personal assistant.

Gongaware felt the amount Murray wanted was ridicules and Jackson could not afford it, Gongaware informed Randy Phillips & Frank DiLeo.

Asked if he would be negotiating with Murray if Michael had not asked him to, Gongaware said 'no'. As Michael had known Murray for 3 years Gongaware felt there was any need to check Murray's background, or decide who Michael's personal doctor should be.

Gongaware contacted his friend Dr. Finkelstein, who'd worked on the Dangerous Tour to check prices, he said he'd do it for $10,000 a month but he also said he'd do it for free.

Michael Amir Williams called Gongaware and said they needed to get a deal with Murray. Gongaware heard Jackson in the background saying '150' which he understood to mean $150,000 a month.

Gongaware made the offer to Murray who initially turned it down, told the offer came directly from Jackson Murray said, 'I'll take it'. Asked how he would get a licence in London, Murray told Gongaware not to worry about it.
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