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Randy Phillips was back yesterday called as a hostile witness by Brian Panish, lawyer for the family.

Phillips pointed out errors in the police report Panish was attempting to use as evidence of what Phillips told the police.

The police report had: Randy stated that Kenny got into Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy, stating, “You're not a doctor. Butt out.”

Phillips pointed out it that made no sense, the report mentioned Murray got in his face, when it more likely Kenny Ortega was the person Murray admonished.

The report stated Phillips & Gongaware had worked for over 16 years with Michael Jackson, when only Gongaware had done so.

Despite a request by AEG the police interviews were not taped.

About month ago Randy Phillips had a lunch meeting with Jackson's former manager Tohme Tohme, also present was AEG attorney Marvin Putnam. Phillips had testified in a Labor Commission hearing over Tohme's claim against Michael Jackson's estate.

Phillips denied he testified at the hearing to help bail out Tohme, he was an impartial witness.

Phillips said they did not directly discuss Tohme's possible testimony in the Jackson vs AEG Live case. Panish told the court he had a witness who could testify about what was discussed at the table.

Asked about the $100k a month contract with Tohme, Randy Phillips said it was a standard practice for Michael Jackson during his career. The only other artist with a similar deal with AEG Live is Bon Jovi.

Sharon Osbourne and Randy Phillips used to live in the same building and in passing spoke to Ms Osbourne. Phillips denied telling Osbourne that AEG Live kept all the money from the ticket sales of 'This Is It', "That would be the most idiotic thing in the world to say."

The court was told 7 to 8% of ticket purchases weren't refunded because buyers opted to hold on to the tickets, the un-refunded ticket revenues totalled more than $5m.
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