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I'm good ta very much. Nice to 'see your face' too.
The Aussies will rip her a new one. They don't suffer fools gladly.
Good idea to do the launch Oz though. Much more convenient to Taiwan, where they are probably made for 30p a pop.

With any luck, they'll keep the prize bitch in quarantine for 6 months each way, giving us the luxury of being KP-fwee and her the humiliation of being incarcerated in the hound pound for a whole year! On second thoughts, maybe not as that really wouldn't be fair on on the four-legged variety of dogs.... who knows what nasty diseases they could catch off her...... or even worse, where they may all disappear to?

Had a look at those shoes. Not my cuppa, as I don't wear heels and even if I did, I certainly wouldn't be wearing those hideous creations! I'm sure I've seen very similar styles to those knocking about for ages on different sites anyway? Different brands, obviously, but basically the same designs.

One thing I did forget to mention a while back was in regard to that grey cardi she was wearing in the pics of her, Kiev and Harvey (can't recall where they were at the time). The thing that struck me at the time was, the heavily studded shoulder detailing on her cardi and the height Harvey now is. It just looked to me like an accident waiting to happen and certainly not something I'd wear in the company of a visually-impaired child. What if he'd suddenly thrown his head or face forcefully onto one of her shoulders? I dread to think of the consequences *shudder*
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