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Here is another question.

Do you want me to delete my post?
You asked two questions then did a passive aggressive "NO! don't answer that!" that PA would be proud of!

You decide whether you should delete a post. Not me. I am merely questioning the fact that you asked questions but demanded that we did not answer them.

Because I tend to ignore most demands...I have no idea - perhaps she is a much better mother than wife(one would have to hope this is true). Perhaps he had not been able to find somewhere to go that would not involve moving schools. Perhaps no camera crews were available. Perhaps he did not wish to remove them from their nannies, schools, housekeepers, homes and relatives.

Either way, the fact that he is still their father, still very involved in their lives and still absolutely not someone who has abdicated fatherhood negates your claim that he left his children.

I have seen children who have been left by a parent - no contact, no support. That is a very different situation than the PwiceAndre kids face.
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