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Day 25 Thu 6 Jun 2013 From ABC 7 Court News

Randy Phillips of AEG Live faced more questions from Brian Panish lawyer for the Jacksons. They don't seem to get on well with each other, for example....

Panish made a mistake in one exhibit and Phillips reacted immediately with, "See, we all make mistakes," Panish quickly responded "I haven't made 50 of them" to which Phillips said "I don't know, I haven't watched the entire trial."

Neither Katherine Jackson or any other family were in the court room today.

Gongaware had emailed on the phone numbers for Conrad Murray to Phillips. Asked if he normally carried around all the contact numbers of an artist's personal physicians, Phillips replied, "Absolutely not! Most of the artists we don't deal with their personal physician."

Panish raised the "Trouble at the Front" email sent by Bugzee the day Jackson was unable to rehearse, Phillips said he thought he read it before he went to bed on 19 Jun 2009. In his deposition Phillips said he had read the email the next morning, Phillips explained, "Since the deposition, my memory had gotten better because I was given documents and tried to remember what happened."

Panish played part of Phillips deposition where he said he didn't know how he reacted to Bugzee's email. The court were told 19 minutes after receiving the email Phillips forwarded it to his then boss Tim Leiweke, and added, We have a real problem here.".

Four minutes later, Leiweke replied four minutes later asking for a meeting between himself, Lackson, Phillips and Kenny Ortega.Phillips asked Ortega to set up the meeting, which took place on the afternoon of 20 Jun 2009.

Bugzee sent another email to Phillips saying Jackson was shaking and couldn't eat, that Ortega had to cut his food and feed him. Phillips answered the email saying Phillips answered the email saying he was not sure if Jackson's problem was chemical or physiological. Panish told the court of 5 different answers Phillips gave as explanation for this email, from not knowing what chemical means to possible drug reaction.

Ortega sent an email to Phillips, saying he believed Jackson needed to be psychologically evaluated. Phillips testified he agreed with Ortega but in his deposition he said he didn't recall.

Phillips testified he didn't contact any psychologist or psychiatrist, "I'm not responsible for Michael's health, he's an adult, he had a personal doctor."

Phillips told the court he never said he was going to pull the plug on the show and never threatened MJ with pulling the plug. Phillips denied telling Ortega it was not his job to question Jackson's health/doctor care.

Branca responded to the email from Phillips saying he had the right therapist/spiritual advisor but did not give a name and Phillips never asked.

Jackson's Business Manager Michael Kane had asked Phillips for a million dollars to pay for Mr. Jackson's bills. Phillips replied via enail, "This Is It's impossible 2 advance any $. He may unfortunately be in anticipitory breach at this point." Kane responded on the 20 Jun to Phillips emails, "And I thought it couldn't get worse."

Phillips said he felt Jackson would be in breach of his contract by not showing up to rehearsal. Phillips explained no contracts have the artist need to rehearse, but the artists want to perfect their show. Phillips said Jackson could be in breach of contract if lack of appearance caused production to not complete and show not open in London.

According to Phillips AEG Live would have survived if the show had not happened but was concerned that AEG Live would look bad.
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