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Brian Panish continued yet again to continuing his questioning of Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live. After the judge's intervention yesterday today went more smoothly and there was even some humour...

Most of Panish questions were what he had asked before, finally he sat down and Marvin Putnam the attorney for AEG tookover.

The other day Panish had got Phillips to admit Brenda, ex-wife of Lionel Richie had told him Jackson died of a combination of other drugs and Propofol administered by himself, but Phillips didn't tell the Police or Murray's attorney's

Yesterday Putnam for AEG asked further questions on the matter Phillips said Brenda had called him after Michael had died to tell him that she was in communication with Michael either through a medium or directly.

Panish the family lawyer objected on the grounds of triple hearsay! The Courtroom burst into laughter.

Asked why he did not inform the LAPD Phillips said he didn't want to be in that straight jacket previously referred to.

After lunch, Putnam for AEG resumed questioning Randy Phillips and asked if he met with his attorney over lunch hour. All the jurors laughed loud. This is how Panish begins after lunch.

Putnam: Did they show you any documents?
Phillips: Just the menu.
For details of yesterday from Associated Press or ABC7 Court News
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