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As we have no evidence of how the children behave when with their mother ..there is no evidence to back your claim.. But we do have regular evidence of how their father allows them to behave when with him
Oh we saw plenty of evidence from MOTY, foul mouthed moron, who thought nothing of cutting short day trips for her cosmetic 'emergencies' teasing a child until he cried and sucking the life, soul and joy out of a trip whilst she constantly text and moaned about her shoes getting dirty seeing as this is her personality and presumably what she is 'liked' for, nothing will have changed bar the procession of men through their home.
Unless of course you think she suddenly put their thought's and feeling first, which of course she doesn't hence 'daddy' number 101.

Despite all of that I think they are doing very well and that is down to PA and the nannies.
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