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We do also have evidence of how their mother allows them to behave also, due to her TV show.

On peters and Katie's show we have also witness him telling the children off, eg: princes throwing a strop, Junior disappearing to play with IPad and he showed good parental skills. Katie showing good parental skills with Harvey, when he refuses to do something or when he throws a strop.

Peter and Katie seem to be good parents. Judge the adults behaviour not the children. The children are typical of most children behaviour.
I was not questioning either parents ..parental skills.. The other poster was putting the blame at their mothers feet ..and hers alone..that is unfair . All kids misbehave at times ..that's normal. But judging from what ive seen ( Ella asked me to watch a few clips of juniors behaviour ) I believe junior is being affected in a negative way by the camera presence. It's like he is putting on a display because that's what is expected of him. His father should reign this in or stop having his kids on his show before its to late.
I believe both parents love their kids ..but we haven't seen Katie's children with her on her shows for 4 years so can't judge what behaviour she allows in her home
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