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I do agree - but I think in general that the issue is far more about the fact that anyone is in a position to know so much about their behaviour, rather than the behaviour itself.
It's interesting that you say that many of his fans don't actually want the children to continue in the show - from previous discussions about the kids, I've very much got the impression that some people are actually tuning in specifically to see them.
What would his fans want him to replace the segments with the children with?

Therein doth the problem lie...

There's not a lot, really.

I don't think it's a question of what the fans want, but what is tangible for CP and CAN. He's their commodity, but there's not a lot happening.

A few boring segments of him pretending to be a credible musician in the studio... A few clips of Pete in one of his coffee shops.. CP constantly telling us how proud she is of Pete for managing to go to the toilet unattended and remembering his own name. How far he's come since Andrew's death blah blah blah.

I suppose you could feature Emily more - but she's not very interesting either. Perfectly pleasant and lovely but again, they can hardly feature her medical exams...

Once you take the kids out, there's a lot of guff and wind and not a great deal else.
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