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More details from ABC7 Court News.

Randy Phillips continued to be questioned by AEG's attorney Marvin Putnam.

Phillips first meeting with Dr Tohme was a 2hr meeting in the bar of the Bel Air Hotel in the summer of 2008. Tohme described Jackson's circumstances, his life, career, where he lived and finances.

They talked about restarting Jackson's career, the idea came off a proposal from Raymone Bain* that London would be the best starting point.

Tohme told Phillips the biggest motivation for Jackson was that he wanted to earn enough money to buy a house for his family. Phillips was under the impression from Tohme that Jackson was ready to go back on tour.

Phillips had a meeting with Jackson where they discussed dates, how tickets would be sold and with whom Jackson would like to work. They planned to make the London shows a larger than life event.

In October 2008 Phillips felt Jackson was ready to go, "He was dressed well, his eyes were clear, he is very sophisticated 50 year old man. I don't believe anything I read in the press, especially the English press. I take a lot of those stories with a grain of salt. He is a very smart, articulate young man who had control of his life."

Phillips testified he was not concerned about Jackson's health, physical condition or drug problem. Jackson had said he was tired living like vagabonds wanted his children to have a permanent place to live and a sense of community. According to Phillips Jackson 'teared up', "...he said he wanted a residence for his family that they could call their own That was the primary reason he wanted to go back work."

Jackson wanted to tour one more time while he was young enough to do it and his children were old enough to appreciate it. Phillips said Jackson was emotional but he had no concerns about his mental well being.

Phillips said he tried to talk Jackson out of purchasing a $93m house in Beverly Hills. Dr. Tohme secure the Carolwood home not AEG.

AEG advanced Jackson $3m to settle a lawsuit, Phillips said, He could not enter contract with us until he settled with Bahrain."

Jackson came up with 31 for the number of shows, to beat Prince. Jackson also wanted to make sure of AEG's commitment about the movie in the contract.

Phillips said Tohme was the only way to contact Jackson and was concerned when Tohme and Jackson had a dispute over the auction of memorabilia.

If Jackson had decided in late February 2009 not to go ahead it would not have hurt AEG Live, they had only advanced $5m.

On the day of the London Press Conference Phillips, Tohme & Jackson were at the same hotel...Tohme went to get Michael and after a long time returned saying, not to worry Michael just needed a little more time. Phillips started to freak out, pacing back and forth. Tohme told Phillips that they had a little issue, Michael had got drunk and was going to be late.

Phillips said Jackson was locked in his room drunk & despondent, both he & Tohme were trying to sober Jackson up for the press conference. Phillips informed Tim Leiweke who responded "Are you kidding me?" Phillips told Jackson's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez it was crisis situation and needed to get into the room.

When Phillips entered the room Jackson had a robe on and his pants. an empty bottle of vodka or gin was on the couch. Phillips felt Jackson looked hungover, Jackson said he was concerned no one would be at the press conference. Phillips assured Jackson there were 3,000 fans there and all the top news organizations waiting.

Jackson, Tohme and makeup artist went to the bathroom. The children were in another room watching television.

It was still being decided what Jackson should wear, Phillips suggested black against the red background. Jackson wanted to wear a sequined arm band but had no way to attach it, at that point Phillips shouted, 'Guys, that's enough!"

They got in the vehicle to go to the press conference, Jackson was said to be 'chagrined', the mood changed and Jackson was quite funny. Jackson was supposed to have overnight written his remarks, instead Phillips had to write some lines in the van.

At the venue Jackson was a little hunched over but when he went through the curtain there was Michael Jackson, Phillips thought the press conference went fine. Jackson was said to have been elated.

They only announced 10 shows and the pre-registration gave AEG an indication how sales would go, Paul Gongaware alerted Phillips the shows would sell ridiculous amounts of tickets and needed to add more shows.

Phillips contacted Tohme and Jackson agreed to 50 shows on condition there was a house in the countryside with at least 16 acres, rolling streams, horseback riders and wanted a guest house for the writers to work on Thriller 3D.

After the 50th show Jackson wanted the world record to document record.

*Raymone Bain was Jackson's publicist throughout the 2005 molestation trial. She filed a suit against Jackson in May 2009 for $44m, it doing go anywhere.

Randy Phillips has testified AEG kept a tight reign on Jackson's expenses because he had a habit of forgetting to pay what he'd agreed.
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